Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent Hope

Every tear wiped away;
no more pain or suffering;
all oppression and injustice atoned;
death swallowed up in victory;
resurrection to gladness and everlasting joy.

Is this a fantasy
or the true promise of the living,
loving God?
Each glorious glimpse tugs and tantalises,
stirring a heart longing that will not be stilled.

Faith says, ‘My God is real and to be trusted,’
and Hope is birthed within me.

Hope that dances with wondering delight
as a hint of what’s to come invades my soul with joy.

Hope that soars with its wings spread wide
rising on the thermal of the Holy Spirit’s breath.

Hope that shines with radiant love light
in the face of encroaching darkness and fear-filled hate.

Hope that stands with holy defiance
as the horrors of greed and malice foster despair.

Hope that groans with desperate longing
crying, ‘Enough is enough. O come, Lord Jesus, come.’

Do not turn numb, O Hope.
Quicken with life and joyful anticipation.
Be steadfast in my soul.
Anchor me to the one who is the source
of Hope.
The one who came, who died, who rose
and who will surely come again.

Then I will work and watch and wait,
and I will say,
‘Be strong and do not fear -
Our God is coming soon.’

Advent Sunday 2014
reflecting on Isaiah 35:1-10